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How does it work?

  3 Steps to get 10% Discount:

     1. Buy your Hostel card
     2. Make a Direct Booking
     3. Show your card at check-in

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Hostels in Europe for the lowest price

Hostels are the best type of accommodation for backpacking Europe.
They’re inexpensive, located in every European city and full of other backpackers.

Go Around Europe made a selection of 160 good value Hostels in Europe, based on good reviews, atmosphere and facilities. All these hostels offer you 10% Discount with a Hostel card and a direct booking, so you will sleep cheaper than your roommates who used a booking site.

So get your personal Hostel Card if you’re planning to travel across Europe and want to sleep in good hostels for the lowest price!

Travel Berlin together

"We had a great time in Berlin, thx" 

Why should you stay in a hostel in Europe?We have been sleeping in over 350 hostels in the last fourteen years and every year we add new hostels to the list. Here I explain why we didn't move to hotels over the years and the reason why we will never choose something else.

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